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Profile of activities of the Laboratory

Scientific and research work related to:

  • the development of methods and stands for testing protective clothing that currently conform to European standards.
  • Definition of the requirements for the parameters of the protective and usage properties of protective clothing that conform to the European Directive 89/656 EEC designated for use in conditions that are hazardous to the health and life of workers.
  • Testing of the phenomena emerging during the usage of protective clothing.
  • Preparation of new materials and designs of protective clothing with particular attention paid to the improvement of their bio-physical properties.

Consultations and advice on:

  • The selection of protective clothing according to the hazards appearing in the working environment.
  • Test methods and requirements on certification of protective clothing.

Testing of protective and work clothing for certification purposes.


Laboratory Manager
Anna Dąbrowska Ph.D.
phone: (+48 42) 648 02 33,
fax: (+48 42) 678 19 15,
e-mail: andab@ciop.lodz.pl

  • Protective Clothing Laboratory
      Manager phone e-mail
      Anna Dąbrowska, - andab[at]ciop.lodz.pl
      phone e-mail
      Grażyna Bartkowiak, (42) 648-02-32 grbar[at]ciop.lodz.pl
      Dariusz Błażejewski, - dabla[at]ciop.lodz.pl
      Alicja Czapska, - alcza[at]ciop.lodz.pl
      Agnieszka Greszta, aggre[at]ciop.lodz.pl
      Sylwia Krzemińska, - sykrz[at]ciop.lodz.pl
      Krzysztof Łężak, - krlez[at]ciop.lodz.pl
      Ewa Mieszek-Stupakiewicz, - ewmie[at]ciop.lodz.pl
Active cooling system for use under protective clothes in a hot working environment.
Project manager - Grażyna Bartkowiak Ph.D. (Eng.)
Contractor -
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Methods of measurement of physical parameters of microclimate under protective clothing with the use of measurement system, registration and wireless data transmission for its estimation in laboratory and research utilities.
Project manager - Agnieszka Kurczewska Ph.D.
Contractor -
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Research method of resistance to permeation of chemicals by protective materials deformed in conditions of enforced dynamic changes
Project manager - Sylwia Krzemińska Ph.D. (Eng.)
Contractor -
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