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Profile of the laboratory’s activities:

  • The characteristics of the threats and the assessment of the risk arising from the exertion of physical effort, in conditions of a hot and cold microclimate, as well as in protective clothing,
  • Assessment of the mechanisms of thermoregulation in response to hot and cold factors in the work environment,
  • Physiological criteria of safety of work of people performing work of a specific nature,
  • The use of chronophysiology in the protection of the health of the worker in the organisation of work processes,
  • The principles of assessing the progress of medical and occupational rehabilitation of people with limb dysfunctions,

Laboratory Manager
Joanna Bugajska Ph.D., D. Med.Science

phone: (+48 22) 623 46 60, fax: (+48 22) 623 36 93
e-mail: jobug@ciop.pl

  • Laboratory of Physiology and Hygiene of Work
      Manager phone e-mail
      Joanna Bugajska, prof. CIOP-PIB, 22 623-32-77 jobug[at]ciop.pl
      phone e-mail
      Katarzyna Hildt-Ciupińska, - kahil[at]ciop.pl
      Elżbieta Łastowiecka - Moras, - ellas[at]ciop.pl
      Małgorzata Łopuszyńska, - mallo[at]ciop.pl
      Anna Malinowska-Krokosz, - ankro[at]ciop.pl
      Karolina Pawłowska-Cyprysiak, - kapaw[at]ciop.pl
Opracowanie narzędzia do oceny e-kompetencji osób z niepełnosprawnością narządu wzroku niezbędnych do podjęcia pracy
Project manager - mgr Karolina Pawłowska-Cyprysiak
Contractor -
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Update of International Hazard Datasheets on Occupations and risk assessment for the selection of the profession and the prevention of workplace hazards.
Project manager - Elżbieta Łastowiecka-Moras Ph.D.
Contractor -
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Development of a motivational program for disabled women in order to increase their employment activity.
Project manager - Karolina Pawłowska-Cyprysiak M.Sc.
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