Opis Jednostki Instytutu

Profile of activities of the laboratory:

The following types of work are undertaken in the Laboratory of Biohazards:

  • analysis of chemical substances emission in industrial processes,
  • development of a system of approving apparatus to determine the chemical pollution in the workplace air,
  • elaboration of skin protective measures ( barriers creams ) and methods for testing efficiency of their properties,
  • development of non-flammable and environmentally friendly polyurethane foams,
  • performance of exposure assessment to nitrozoaminaes in industrial conditions,
  • assessment of chemical technologies safety,
  • Laboratory of Biohazards
      Manager phone e-mail
      Rafał Górny, 22 623-46-77 ragor[at]ciop.pl
      phone e-mail
      Marcin Cyprowski, 22 623-46-92 macyp[at]ciop.pl
      Małgorzata Gołofit-Szymczak, Ph.D. 22 623-46-82 magol[at]ciop.pl
      Anna Ławniczek-Wałczyk, Ph.D. 22 623-46-92 anlaw[at]ciop.pl
      Agata Stobnicka - Kupiec, Ph.D. (Eng.) 22 623-46-82 agsto[at]ciop.pl
Assessment of isolated from oil mist microorganisms susceptibility on selected biocides used as additives in machining liquids in engineering.
Project manager - Marcin Cyprowski Ph.D.
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The assessment of the exposure of workers preserving ventilation installations to harmful biological and chemical factors.
Project manager - Małgorzata Gołofit-Szymczak Ph.D.
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The role of microwave effect in the sterilization process minimizing risk associated with microbiologically contaminated construction materials.
Project manager - Rafał Górny Ph.D., D.Sc.
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