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Group of Testing Laboratories



Testing Laboratories Group at the Institute has been accredited since15th November 1995 under the national conformity assessment system. Under the accreditation scope, the activity of the testing laboratories includes the following areas:


  • Testing products for certification purposes:
    • Testing personal protective equipment (hearing, respiratory system, head, hand and leg protectors, protective clothing, face and eye protectors, equipment preventing from falls from heights),
    • Testing collective protection equipment (non-contact protection equipment, two-hand steering devices, electrical device casings, air filters),
    • Testing machinery and manufacturing equipment (wood processing machines, portable chainsaws),


  • testing working environment parameters and factors related to safety and health of workers:
    • measuring vibroacoustic parameters, microclimate, lighting, infrared radiation, and electromagnetic fields at workplaces,
    • concentration of harmful chemical substances in air at workplaces,
    • physiological parameters of man in the working environment (energy expenditure, physical load and human capacity at work).

Full accreditation scope of Testing Laboratories (no. AP 038) is available here: AB 038

The Testing Laboratories Group at CIOP-PIB is made up of laboratories of the following departments of the Institute:

  1. Department of Vibroacoustic Hazards:


    • Laboratory of Noise
    • Laboratory of Mechanical Vibration
    • Laboratory of Active Methods of Noise Reduction


  1. Department of Safety Engineering
    • Laboratory of Mechanical Hazards
    • Laboratory of Electronic Protective Systems
    • Laboratory of Optical Radiation


  1. Department of Chemical and Aerosol Hazards:


    • Laboratory of Chromatographic Analysis
    • Laboratory of Filtration and Ventilation


  1. Department of Ergonomics:


    • Laboratory of Physiology and Hygiene of Work
    • Laboratory of Thermal Loads


  1. Department of Bioelectromagnetism:


    • Laboratory of Electromagnetic Hazards


  1. Department of Personal Protective Equipment:


    • Laboratory of Respiratory Protective Equipment
    • Laboratory of Safety Helmets and Equipment Protecting Against Falls from a Height
    • Laboratory of Protective Clothing
    • Laboratory of Face and Eye Protection
    • Laboratory of Hand and Foot Protection  


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Kinga Makuła, M.Sc.
Head of Testing and Calibration Laboratories
kimak@ciop.pl, tel.: +48 22 623 32 90, fax: +48 22 623 32 91

Organization and realisation of domestic and international programmes on inter-laboratory comparison for the study of parameters of work environment, personal protective equipment and machines
Project manager - Kinga Makuła M.Sc. (Eng.)
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Support and development of technical competences of accredited research and calibrating laboratories
Project manager - Kinga Makuła M.Sc. (Eng.)
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Maintaining and developing technical and organizational competencies of testing and calibration laboratories
Project manager - Kinga Makuła M.Sc.
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