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XVII International Conference on Noise Control

Social programme

The huge gothic fortress, the seat of knight monks, hetmans and starosts, famous for tournaments, battles and magnificent shows, filled with the medieval spirit present in the gothic walls, will provide all participants of the conference with a rich cultural programme.

The participants of the conference will have an opportunity to listen to a concert of the Schola Cantorum Gymevensis Choir in the castle chapel, by candlelight. This gregorian chant choir was founded 21 years ago in Gniew by a group of lay amateurs of the gregorian chant, the history of which dates back to 8th century.
The choir has performed about 500 concerts in Poland and abroad, and recorded several albums.

This show brings you back to the medieval and later knights tournaments, which were both sport and ludic events. A Herald leads and comments on the show, introducing the spectators into the European and Polish tournament traditions.

The castle is a place full of history, on one hand remembering the grim fame of Teutonic commanders, but on the other hand a magnificent seat of Polish starosts, among whom we could find the later kings and hetmans. A history show on the tournament area will make you familiar with the castle's story. Also, the guests may visit ancient craft workshops, where they can learn the difficult crafts of pottery, weaving or minting.

All the conference participants may take part in a trip back to the past - visiting the castle halls and the exhibition prepared by the Archaeology Museum in Gdansk (Gniew division). The guided sightseeing route includes defence arcades, castle chapel, military exhibition from WWII and the pre-war period, the torture chamber, armory, and craft exhibition.

The torture chamber is located in the basement of Gniew Castle's north wing. This is an exhibition of old torture devices and techniques. You will find here such machines as Guillotine, Gag, Witch's Chair, Thumbscrew, Malay Boot, Rack - Bed of Justice, Mask of Shame, Scavenger's Daughter - Stork, Judas Cradle, Spanish Donkey, Head Crusher.

The conference will be accompanied by a traditional old Polish (Sarmatian) feast. The Gniew castle governor, a colonel of the Polish Hussars troop, will recount the most glorious battle stories as well the old feast customs - that is, the art and order of proposing and drinking toasts.

During the evening, you will enjoy a variety of events, including a fencing tournament between four selected Guests, dressed in period apparel.

Boat trips on the Vistula River will bring you unforgettable memories. You will admire the rich fauna, living in the protected area "Natura 2000". The castle Queen Marysienka SPA will help you relax for a while.
The medieval town, located in the vicinity of the castle hill, complements the atmosphere. The town square is surrounded with renovated, beautiful houses, dating back as far as 14th century. Near the castle lies the Marian Shrine of Piaseczno (a place of miracles, where an apparition of Virgin Mary took place in 1378) and the Pelplin Cathedral (former monastery, with an original exhibit of the Gutenberg Bible and the tallest baroque altar in Europe).



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