• WI 00122038
    Safety of machinery - Surface temperatures of touchable surfaces - Ergonomics data to establish temperature limit values for cold surfaces

  • WI00122056
    Ergonomic design principles for the operability of mobile machinery

  • WI00122057
    Selection of persons for testing of anthropometric aspects of industrial products and designs (ISO/NP 15537)

  • WI00122061
    Safety of machinery - Ergonomics requirements for the design of displays and control actuators - Part 4: Location and arrangements of displays and control actuators (prEN 894-4)

  • WI00122068
    Ergonomic design of control centres - Part 5: Displays and controls (ISO/CD 11064-5)

  • WI00122069
    Ergonomic design of control centres - Part 6: Environmental requirements for control rooms (ISOlDIS 11064-6)

  • WI00122093
    Safety of machinery - Human physical performance - Part 5: Risk assessment for repetitive handling at high frequency (to become prEN 1005-5)

  • WI00122099
    Ergonomic principles related to mental workload - Part 3: Measurement and assessment of mental workload (prEN ISO 10075-3)