Department of Vibroacoustic Hazards - Projects

Active hearing protectors controlled with estimated permanent algorithm parameters with the usage of genetic algorithm.

Project manager: Paweł Górski M.Sc. (Eng.)

Project summary:

Aim of the project was to develop a control algorithm with permanent parameters for use in active hearing protectors. Developed algorithm was based on digital filters NOTCH, which coefficients are determined from usage of genetic algorithm. The aim of genetic algorithm is to find such coefficients of the digital filter that will allow achievement, in following circumstances, of the biggest protector effectiveness in the low-frequency acoustic. Advantage of the solution is stability improvement of active noise reduction in the event of sudden, unforeseen changes in the parameters of the noise or acoustic environment.
Within the task following steps were completed:
- Technical specifications of the algorithm controlling active hearing protector were developed;
- A prototype of active hearing protector was developed with control algorithm for permanent parameters determined using a genetic algorithm;
- Verification of developed active hearing protector prototype were conducted;
- Technical documentation of hearing protector with Adaptive Noise Reduction was developed.

Unit: Department of Vibroacoustic Hazards

Duration: 01.01.2011 – 31.12.2013