WP6: Integration and adjustment

The objective of WP6 is to ensure the integration of all technologies, materials and modules already developed in workpackages WP2, WP3, WP4 and WP5 in the homogeneous PPE system that will meet the specifications defined in WP1.

The scope of this Task includes performing laboratory tests for materials used for protective equipment integrated with sensors and electronic modules in order to assess protective and mechanical properties  modified textiles (i.e. protective clothing materials after incorporating sensors), proper functioning of physiological and environmental sensors, proper operating of communication unit module (with conjunction with Rescue Coordination Centre), protective properties of whole PPE system (i.e. total inward leakage), comfort of use of whole PPE system (practical performance tests, thermal comfort).

Six prototypes of PPE system for each target sectors will be developed: two for fire fighters, two for chemical rescuers and two for mining rescuers.

With the aim of optimising results, cutting down costs, minimizing technological risks all the work in WP6 will be carried out closely with the leaders of the WP2, WP3, WP4 and WP5.

In addition within WP6 the development of manufacturing concept for the whole PPE system and its individual sub-modules will be carried out.

Task 6.1. Integration of individual module/technology/material
Task 6.2. Conducting laboratory tests of protective and mechanical properties and comfort of use
Task 6.3. Assembly of modules and materials to create the homogenous PPE system
Task 6.4. Calibration and adjustment of the PPE-system prototypes