The connection of visual arts and occupational safety and health has had a long-lasting history in Poland. Since the pre-war period artists have been taking up topics of social importance and providing enterprise owners with top quality information materials. Presently, despite the increased popularity and accessibility of electronic media, classic materials like OSH posters are still accompanying workers every day. Reminding them of, inspiring them and motivating to safe behaviour. However, visual arts do not mean posters only. The term is applied to a number of other fields of artistic creation that are perceived visually by the public (from Latin videre – to see, hence the name visual).


As part of the Institute's activities in the area of shaping awareness and promoting safe behaviors, we organise art competitions for adults, children and teenagers. As a result of such activities every year there are created a lot of different visual communication tools concerning work and safety at work, like: posters, drawings, photos, films.


Picture awarded in O!ZNAKI PRACY 2017 (author: Alicja Trojnar)