Voluntary product certification


CIOP-PIB, in the scope of the Polish Centre for Accreditation, (the accreditation no. AC 018 ) conducts, on a voluntary basis, the certification of products for conformity with normative document.

The following products are subject to voluntary certification:

  • high voltage insulating and protective equipment,
  • ladders of general use,
  • work clothing and textile materials intended for protective and work clothing,
  • textile for medical service,
  • woodworking tools,
  • air filters,
  • sleeping bags,
  • sunglasses,
  • spectacle frames,
  • spectacle lenses,
  • office work chairs,
  • hydrophobic, hydrophilic gels and creams and barrier creams,
  • anchorage component (not included in the 89/6876/EEC directive)
  • machinery (not included in the appendix no. IV to the 2006/42/EC directive and harmonized standards type C),
  • materials intended for protective gloves,
  • materials intended for footwear.

Diagram of the procedure for product certification:

Voluntary certification is provided according to product certification scheme ”N” elaborated by the Centre for Certification of Personal  Protective  and Working Equipment  (according to EN ISO/IEC 17067:2013)


Files to download

  • Service contract to perform certification for conformity with the normative document (PDF)
  • Questionnaire for the assessment of the supplier-manufacturer (PDF)
  • Questionnaire for the assessment of the supplier-importer (PDF)

All documents (Service contract with attachments) and products should be sent to the Centre for Certification of Personal Protective and Working Equipment CIOP-PIB (address: 00-701 Warszawa, ul. Czerniakowska 16, Poland)


The conformity certificates issued by CIOP-PIB:

The conformity certificates withdrawn by CIOP-PIB