Other significant organisations and entities


Other significant organisations and entities active in the field of working environment  protection


Trade unions

- participate in the shaping of appropriate working conditions. They are authorised to assess working conditions, exercise control over the observance of the labour law provisions and in particular the occupational safety and health regulations and principles.  


Social Labour Inspectorate

- is managed by company trade unions and represents the interest of all employees in a company. Its aim is to ensure safe and healthy working conditions and protection of employee’ rights, as specified in the labour law provisions.  


Employers’ organisations

- their basic task is to protect the rights and represent the interests of their members before trade unions, government authorities and administrative bodies as well as local self-government. They have the right to file petitions for the issuing or amending a law or a different legal act in the scope of matters included in the tasks of the employers’ organisations.  


Occupational medicine service

- the aim of its operation is the protection of the health of workers against the impact of adverse work environment conditions, and exercising preventive health care and health monitoring of workers. The organisational units of occupational medicine service are the basic units (health care centres, physicians running individual medical practices) and provincial occupational medicine centres.


Occupational safety and health service

- is appointed by employers who employ over 100 workers. Its activities include: conducting inspections of working conditions and the observance of OSH regulations and principles, informing the employer about discovered occupational risks on an ongoing basis, maintaining appropriate documentation, participation in determining the circumstances and causes of accidents at work and in assessing occupational risk, organising OSH trainings and initiating and developing various forms of popularising OSH issues.


Associations of OSH services employers

- the aim of their activity is among others: express opinion in matters relating to new legal and organisational solutions connected with occupational safety and health, popularise the OSH issues and improve the skills and knowledge of their members.


Network structures

    Safe Work Leaders’ Forum at CIOP-PIB                            www.ciop.pl/FL   

gathers over 100 Polish enterprises with achievements in the shaping safe and ergonomic working conditions. The aim of the Forum’s operation is to develop co-operation between its members, as well as the exchange and promotion of good practices in the scope of OSH in industries represented by their partners.  

      Network of OSH Experts certified by CIOP-PIB               www.ciop.pl/Eksperci

unites 48 members providing enterprises (in particular SME) with services in the field of workers’ safety and health protection. The experts’ task is to ensure quick and competent access to information and services aimed at improvement of working conditions.

     Network of Regional OSH Centres

The network comprises 16 regional training, consulting and promotional centres located throughout Poland, whose task is to support the OSH service in evaluating occupational risk and meeting the legal requirements in the scope of safety and health at work.  


Associations of manufactures of personal protection equipment

- the mission of the associations includes: assisting Polish manufacturers and distributors during the placing on the market of PPE compliant with the requirements of EU directives; initiating and establishing relations with Polish and international organisations, promoting safe PPE among users.


State Fire Service (PSP)                                                           www.straz.gov.pl

- performs undertakings aimed at the protection of life, health, possessions or environment against fire, natural disasters or other threats. It carries out preventive and rescue activities and ensures means and capabilities to combat these threats both in the external and working environment.


Road Transport Inspection                                                        www.gitd.gov.pl

- established to control the observance of regulations, including those connected with safety. Its tasks include the monitoring of: road traffic as regards transport, the observance of regulations concerning the allowed periods of driving a vehicle, the observance of principles and conditions relating to road transport of dangerous goods as well as the inspection of transportable pressure equipment.