WP7: Verification and validation

The main objective of WP7 is to verify and to validate whether the final intelligent PPE system complies with specifications and requirements defined on the basis of end users needs and demands within WP1. For completed prototypes of PPE system user trial tests will be carried out. 

To achieve the objective of this workpackage activities within WP7 will be carried out in order:

  • to verify that the whole PPE system performs its all expected functions,
  • to verify that the implemented i-PPE solutions guarantee high-level of safety for the users,
  • to validate that the i-PPE solutions comply with ergonomic and usability requirements and ensure appropriate comfort for the users.

Task 7.1. Verification and validation by means of field trials
Task 7.2. Recommendation for improvement of PPE system
Task 7.3. Development of manufacturing concept