WP1: Identification of end-users needs and defining technical requirements

The main objective of the WP1 is to specify on the basis of existing hazards and end-users needs in three target sectors (fire fighting, chemical rescue and mining rescue) protective and usability requirements for developing an innovative PPE system.

The outcome of tasks scheduled in WP1 will include:

  • analysis of hazards and risks in specified workplaces taking into account rescue activities and health conditions of end-users;
  • collecting information from end-users' groups on their demands and existing operational requirements currently used PPE elements, in particular concerning improvement of protective parameters and limitation of use (materials resistance and strength, interactions and interconnections of PPE elements);
  • developing guidelines and technical requirements for all PPE modules to be developed within the project.

Task 1.1. Analysis of hazards and risks in specific rescue activities
Task 1.2. Collecting information on end-users' needs concerning PPE system
Task 1.3. Technical guidelines and requirements for PPE modules and the whole system