TIMETABLE of activities on the employer's OSH duties
Health protection
No. Scope of the documentation
Name of the document
Entity to which it is passed
1. Commencement of activities
NOTIFICATION about the place, type and scope of activities conducted
- the competent labour inspector
- the competent state health inspector
- within 30 days of the date of commencement of activities
- in the event of a change in the place, type and scope of activities conducted
2. Annual report on working conditions

Report on working conditions

The competent Statistical Office for the voivodship, where the employer has his registered office
By 15 February of each year
3. Training on OSH
CONFIRMATION on having received general and specific instruction for the work post
The employer - the worker's personal file
CERTIFICATE of completion of:
- basic training
- periodic training
Examination RESULTS (work post specific instruction and basic and periodic training)
4. Prophylactic examinations
Medical CERTIFICATE on the lack of contraindications to work at a given work post (issued on the basis of the results of the following examinations: preliminary, periodic, control, additional)
Employer - the worker's personal files
5. Carcinogenic factors
REGISTER of carcinogenic agents
-competent voivodship health inspector
-labour inspector
The employer submits the data contained in the register of carcinogenic agents on the form "Information on carcinogenic factors" immediately after commencing activities and annually within the period up to 31 January
Carcinogenic agentCARDS
REGISTER OF WORKERS exposed to the actions of carcinogenic factors
Retained by the employer for 40 years
6. Analysis and measurements of factors that are harmful to the health in the working environment
RESULTS of tests and measurements
- competent state health inspector
- competent regional labour inspector
- the doctor responsible for prophylactic health care
When the tests and measurements have been conducted by laboratories other than those of the State Health Inspectorate:
- the results are submitted immediately – if the values of MPC/MPD are exceeded
-within 14 days - in other cases

The results are retained by the employer for 3 years

The REGISTER of the results of tests and measurements conducted
The register – is retained by the employer for 40 years
The harmful agents measurements CARD
Cards - are retained by the employer for 40 years
7. Dangerous chemical substances
Characteristics CARDS of dangerous substances or dangerous preparations
Characteristic CARDS of the preparations not classified as dangerous, but in concentrations (specified in the resolution) contains at least one substance that creates a threat to human life or to the environment
LIST of dangerous substances or dangerous preparations possessed
8. Occupational diseases
REGISTER OF SUSPICIONS of occupational diseases
-competent health inspector
- competent labour inspector
The declaration may be made by the worker or former worker during his employment under occupational exposure or after ending work under such exposure - but no later than in the period specified in the list of occupational diseases
DECLARATION OF THE CONSEQUENCES of the occupational disease
-competent state health inspector
-Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine in Łódź
After completing the proceedings aimed at defining the damage to the health or the incapacity to work in connection with the worker's diagnosed occupational disease
9. Accidents at work
The employer submits it to:
- the injured party or the family of the dead worker
- the competent labour inspector - if the protocol refers to a fatal serious or collective accident
The employer retains this for 10 years
Retained by the employer
The competent Statistical Office for the voivodship on the territory of which the employer has his registered office
Prepared in duplicate:
- for the Statistical Office - the copy of the card without part II - by the 15th working day of the month following the month in which the accident protocol was approved

- part II of the statistical accidents card - no later than after the passage of 6 months from the date of approval of the accident protocol

The second copy of the statistical accident protocol - is retained by the employer for 10 years

10. Safety in performing works
The Construction Manager
is obliged to prepare this or ensure that it is prepared
Before the commencement of the construction
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