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Computer-aided management of quality of testing and metrological control

Project manager: Dariusz Pleban Ph.D. (Eng.)

Project summary:

"The task involved carrying out the following assignments: development of the principles of an integrated computer system that comprehensively supports the operation of testing and calibration laboratories; development and optimization of processes related to carrying out tests and calibration/checks with Aris Toolset software; development of models of selected organization procedures in force in the division of testing laboratories and in the division of calibration laboratories of the Institute with Aris Toolset software; development of models of organization procedures in force in the processes of EC type-examination of personal protective equipment, machinery and safety components; creating a definition of the organization structure of the Institute, diagrams of roles, of processes and of the properties of processes in Aris Toolset software; adaptation of the program supporting quality assurance system management on the Intranet (E-quality) for publishing on the computer network data describing processes related to the quality assurance system in the Institute. Aris Toolset was used to develop models of 12 organization procedures for quality assurance systems in the testing and calibration laboratories of the Institute; Lotus Notes software was used to develop 3 electronic circulations of documents. Moreover, a computer database of measuring and testing equipment was developed and implemented. It supports filing and supervision over elements of the measuring and testing equipment used in laboratories."

Unit: Testing Laboratories Division

Duration: 01.01.2002 – 31.12.2004