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Development of a syllabus and materials supporting the education of children (at pre-school and early primary school age) in safe behaviours

Project manager: Marta Derlicka M.Sc.

Project summary:

"The following existing tools in the field of safe behaviours were analysed: those used in current syllabi of pre-school and years I-III of primary schools, and in syllabi approved for school use by the Ministry of National Education and Sport. A pilot draft of a syllabus supporting the education of children in safe behaviours was developed. The syllabus covers the problems of safe behaviours in places and situations in which most accidents take place. The syllabus is in two parts: ""A safe pre-school"" and ""A safe school"".A pilot implementation of the classes from ""A safe pre-school"" and ""A safe school"" was also conducted. Materials (didactic aids) supporting classes in safe behaviours in pre-school and in early primary school were developed. They can also be used independently by parents and children outside education institutions.Scenarios of ""A safe pre-school"" and ""A safe school"" classes were also prepared in electronic form. All the didactic materials were published for 50 education institutions (25 copies for each one)."

Unit: Centre for Promotion

Duration: 01.01.2002 – 30.11.2004