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Determination of the principles of telework as a new form of employing people with disabilities in Polish conditions, taking into account their health and rehabilitation

Project manager: Bożena Kurkus-Rozowska Ph.D.

Project summary:

"The basis research tasks of this work concerned: assessment of the conditions and organization of telework workstands of people with disabilities taking into account aspects of OSH, medical care and rehabilitation; determination of the psychosocial conditions of people with disabilities taking up telework; assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of employment and its psychosocial and health effects; development of guidelines regarding the selection of workers suitable for telework, and its organization, taking into account rehabilitation and the protection of health.Surveying was used to obtain information on the conditions and organization of telework, the conditions of employment, medical care and rehabilitation. In order to do that surveys - ""Psychosocial working conditions"" by M. Widerszal-Bazyl and R. Cieślak and ""A software assessment questionnaire"" by A. Najmiec - were developed and sent out to disabled, employed, teleworkers and to employers who employ disabled teleworkers."

Unit: Department of Ergonomics

Duration: 01.01.2002 – 31.12.2004