General information

General information 

The Institute is the main research institution in Poland comprehensively dealing with improving working conditions according to human psychophysical abilities.
The subject of the Institute’s activity is conducting research and development works leading to new technical and organisational solutions in the field of labour protection, related to occupational safety, health and ergonomics as well as other tasks essential for reaching the goals of the state’s socio-economic policy in this field.

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Main office & laboratories
Czerniakowska 16
00-701 Warsaw, Poland

Acting Director’s Secretariat

Phone:   +48 (22) 623 46 55
Fax:   +48 (22) 623 36 93, +48 (22) 840 24 62

International Cooperation Section

Phone: +48 (22) 623 36 78, +48 (22) 623 37 82,
Fax:   +48 (22) 840 08 11

Centre for Promotion and Implementation

Phone: +48 (22) 623 36 83

Fax:  +48 (22) 623 32 64



National Focal Point of European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (Bilbao)

Phone:  +48 (22) 623 36 77


Department of Protective Equipment - laboratories
Wierzbowa 48

90-133 Łódź, Poland

Phone:  +48 (42) 678 19 63, +48 (42) 678 10 75
Fax:  +48 (42) 678 19 15


How to get to the Institute:


GPS coordinates: N52° 12' 0.5887" E21° 3' 10.0343"

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CIOP-PIB's library is a specialist library, having an extensive collection of book in the erea of safety and health protection of man in the working environment.   CIOP Education Center was established in 1994 as part of the Institute's organizational structure established to carry out statutory tasks related to education in the field of occupational safety and health.
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The Centre operates in compliance with the requirements of the EN 45011 standard "General requirements for bodies operating product certification system"...  
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    Acting Director
    Wiktor M. Zawieska, Ph.D. (Eng.), D.Sc. (Eng.)

Deputy director for management systems and certification
Daniel Podgórski, Ph. D.
Deputy director for technology and implementation
Wiktor M. Zawieska, Ph.D. (Eng.),
D.Sc. (Eng.)
Deputy director for administration
Mirosław Flejmer, M. Sc.
Chief Accountant
Dorota Dziedzic, M. Sc.
Scientific Council

The Institute's Scientific Council provides decision making, project initiation, opinion dissemination, and advisory services. It defines the direction of the Institute's development and provides advice on scientific, research and technology staffing. The Council is entitled to express opinions on all of the Institute's activities. Its tasks include defining farreaching goals for the Institute’s scientific, development and introductory activities; critiquing topical and financial plans and annual reports; evaluating qualifications of candidates for scientific, research and technology positions, and assessing periodically their scientific and technical achievements; preparatory proceedings into conferring academic degrees and titles; and running Ph.D. programmes.

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