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Publication ethics for the Principles and Methods of Assessing the Working Environment quarterly:

I General rules

  1. As regards breaches of publication ethics, the publisher and the editors comply with the standards of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), which are available on the website:
  2. The publisher and the editors undertake to use all available means to eliminate breaches of publication ethics and to employ all available methods should any breaches be identified.
  3. Where necessary, the publisher and the editors undertake to publish a list of errata, explanations and apologies in the journal.
  4. Confidentiality of Authors’ and Reviewers’ personal data is ensured as required under the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation of 4 May 2016), and confidentiality of materials submitted to the editorial staff pending their publication is ensured as well.

II Authors’ obligations

  1. The Information for Authors is available on the journal’s website: (the Polish version is available at: This contains guidelines regarding preparation of an article for publication, plus rules on which texts are accepted for print.
  2. All Authors of an article should make a significant contribution to the article in terms of the subject matter.
  3. An Author submits a declaration, available at: Polish text is available at:, in which he/she:
    3.1. consents to the transfer of copyright to the publisher,
    3.2. declares that the article has not been published before, in whole or in part, under the same or a different title,
    3.3. indicates a research project in connection with which the article was prepared and the source of financing of the article.
  4. In the case of errors or breaches of publication ethics, the Author is required to revise the article.
  5. Copyright is in line with the Act of 4 February 1994 on copyright and related rights (Journal of Laws of 1994, No 24, item 83).

III Rules for review

  1. All articles published in the Principles and Methods of Assessing the Working Environment quarterly are reviewed by two independent Reviewers (experts in a given field) in accordance with the principle that the Reviewer and the Author do not know each other’s identity (“double blind” reviews), to avoid the risk of conflict of interest.
  2. If one of the reviews is negative, the article is sent to a third Reviewer. Two negative reviews result in the article being returned to the Author.
  3. The editorial staff of the journal reserve the right to perform linguistic editing of a submitted article. Once the editorial staff have finished editing the text, the article, together with the reviews, is sent to the Author, so that he/she can make the modifications and make additions as suggested by the Reviewer(-s) and the editorial staff and approve the article for print.
  4. Authors are required to respond to reviewers’ comments and send the editorial staff of the quarterly information about whether or not the comments have been acknowledged and implemented accordingly. The Author’s reasoning is communicated to a thematic editor, who decides if the Author’s explanations are sufficient. The decision to accept the article for publication is made by the editor-in-chief in cooperation with thematic editors.
  5. The rules for review are described in the Information for Authors, available at: Polish version is available at:, and a review form in Polish can be downloaded here:



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