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XVIII International Conference on Noise Control




The Committee of Acoustics of the Polish Academy of Sciences was established by a resolution of the General Assembly of the Academy of Sciences on 30 June 1964. It operates within the Faculty of Technical Sciences. Committee’s members represents all fields of acoustics, from  scientific centres as well as communities involved in the implementation of social and economic results of research in the field of acoustics.
The Committee of Acoustics takes all measures for the development of acoustics and the use of its achievements.


Central Institute for Labour Protection - National Research Institute is the main research institution in Poland comprehensively dealing with improving working conditions according to human psychophysical abilities. It was established in 1950.
The subject of the Institute’s activity is conducting research and development work leading to new technical and organisational solutions in the field of labour protection, related to occupational safety, health and ergonomics as well as other tasks essential for reaching the goals of the state’s socio-economic policy in this field.